the Swahili word for "home"



Nyumbani, the Swahili word for “home,” reveals a deeper meaning as the name of our luxury camp in the Serengeti. After an unforgettable day of exciting game drive in the Seronera plains, it is our pleasure to welcome you to your home away from home. Savor the magic of safari life and our welcoming oasis where earth meets sky in boundless space. Dine in an atmosphere of personalized comfort while surrounded by nature’s limitless grandeur. Drift into restful sleep with the gently hypnotic sounds of the African night.  



Serengeti National Park is quite simply the most magnificent wildlife sanctuary in the world—unparalleled in natural beauty and wilderness. It is the only remaining natural grazing ecosystem to be found on Earth. From vast, open plains casting idlyllic, golden sunsets, to steamy riverbanks and towers of granite boulders, the Serengeti throbs with life in the endless rhythm of the Great Migration.

Here, amidst its thundering path, lies Nyumbani Camp, nestled in the heart of the untamed Serengeti. Retreat into the rugged splendor of the wild ~ move in harmony with the animal world in a holiday dream made real.


We can't wait to see you.